St.Anthony's College, Kandy

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Antonian Beach Crash 2016


Dear Antonian,

Beach party ticket Rs. 3500/-  consists

  • Dinner Buffet
  • A Beach Shirt
  • A king coconut.
  • A Garland for partner
  • Free photo(photo session on a separate theme booth) 
  • Bottle of Black Label for a table 
  • Bottle of Vodca for a table 
  • Two numbers of 1 Liter Orange Juice bottle for a table
  • Mixture Bite Portion for Portion for a table  
  • Midnight Surprise
  • Mr. Boarder
  • Boarders Queen
  • Surprise games
  • Taxi Service with a Driver on a Special Price (Social Responsibility Initiative)

Please note a table consists of 10 head count

Best regards,