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The unveiling of the portrait of Past President late Hon.Chandra Bandara and other Past Presidents


The unveiling of the portrait of late Hon.Chandra Bandara along with the portraits of other past presidents of SACKOBA Colombo branch took place at the sports complex on the 27th of August 2017 on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Saints Quadrangular finals played on that day.

Foundation stone for the Bishop Leo Nanayakkara Sports complex, was laid by late Mr. Chandra Bandara in March 1985 and the 1st stage consisting the badminton courts was opened in March 1992 who did a yeoman service in raising required funds for the complex. It is comtinued to be maintained by the OBA Colombo Branch todate.

The unveiling occasion was graced by Mrs. Prema Bandara, wife of late Mr. Bandara and their three children, Mr. Bandula Bandara, Hon Minister Chandrani Bandara and Mrs. Harshini Ratwatta along with some of their family members and some past Presidents of Colombo branch.

The unveiling of portraits of SACKOBA Colombo branch Past Presidents was the brain child of past President Mr. Mark Francis. 

Photographs of the event