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Sackoba Colombo Branch contribute towards Science Rugby Player


Sackoba Colombo Exco members raised through personal contributions Rs. 51,000/- for the Science College Rugby Player, responding to the appeal made by Priyantha Ekanayake.

The contribution was handed over by Co-ordinating Secretary Ladislaus Gnanapragasam and Hon.Secretary Sanjay Srisena to the Mother as arranged by Priyantha Ekanayake along with GANN presentation.
Thanks to all who contributed towards this noble cause. 


Co-ordinating Secretary

Sackoba Colombo Branch


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Antonians come to the aid of Science College’s Ayeshmantha

Following the grave injury suffered by Santhush Ayeshmantha of Science College during the Plate Championship match against St. Anthony’s College at Nittawela grounds, where he suffered a head injury, the Antonians have rallied to help this player.

The incident occurred when Ayeshmantha crashed against a teammate while going for the ball. After the incident Ayeshmantha continued to play but later fell on the ground unconscious. He was later diagnosed with internal bleeding and was taken to the Kandy General Hospital and surgery was performed immediately.

Hearing of the incident the Antonian old boy’s fraternity have stepped forward to support this young 17 year-old second row forward.

When this news flashed around with the announcement in the 'Daily News' the Global Antonian News Network (GANN), a group of Old Antonians around the globe spontaneously began a fund raising campaign to help the young rugby player.

(GANN) had been in the forefront of many projects which has helped their Alma Mater in various ways, and the response of the Antonian's around the world was close to spectacular. The funds pledged rose to rupees six hundred thousand within a short period of time. The membership of (GANN) is spread far and wide across the globe from Canada to New Zealand.

One of the key figures of GANN Maufer Yousuf had this to say: 'The appeal to assist Santhush Ayeshmantha was made by old Antonian Priyantha Ekanayake - CEO, SLRFU, who commands great respect among the Antonian rugby fraternity. When his appeal came in, we at (GANN) were ready to facilitate the assistance to Santhush Ayeshmantha during his time of need.”

There was even an individual from Nalanda College who came forward and joined the fund raising campaign. This appeal had cut across school barriers. Special mention must be made of the Principal of Science College - Susantha Mendis who was very helpful in ensuring the funds collected were channeled for the welfare of Santhush Ayeshmantha.

The Science College principal paid a tribute to St. Anthony's College for the extraordinary gesture and the great work done by them and also prayed for the speedy recovery of Santhush Ayeshmantha.


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